It all started when…

I teach Zumba® in the west burbs, usually at L.A. Fitness which occupies most of my time, see my full schedule.

When I am not dancing I’m usually partaking in a self care activity or creating art.

Images, Videos and Musics are my loves. My parents were wedding DJ’s, in fact they met in a night club my Dad Dj’d at! I always used to see them dancing and having the best of times growing up.

Being born in 1983 means I was just conscious enough to experience the shift from non-computer life to computered life. Soon I had the tools to make scrapbooks digitally, that’s the first thing I did. I was craving the the polish I had seen in my magazine clippings and my Mom introduced me to Photoshop. I’ve created everyday since.

I went to the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago for my bachelors in Fashion Marketing & Management. The people and experiences I had during this time were incredible influential in my spiritual awakening.

I hope this blog inspires you, but it’s my diary, so ultimately, I’m making it for me.