✨ Do you like upgrading your life?

✨ Are you interested in Style/ UNISEX Beauty Trends?

✨ Do you love clever tips to make your life easier?

Then it's your lucky day cause those are just a few of my favorite topics, like… literally obsessed with lifestyle design.

You in the mood for some World Wide Web Treasure? peep my blog, bruh!

Tutorials, Graphics, Images, and Video all happen to be hobbies of mine.

or perhaps you’d like to dance in one of my Zumba® Classes.

What people are saying…

Justen is a larger than life creative force operating from a space of his expansive heart.
— carolccmiller.com

Grew up in a small town in America's Midwest called Oswego, Illinois.  

Studied Fashion Marketing & Management in college at the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago which triggered a creative expansion of my heart and love.

Connecting and collaboration are second nature to me.