Marie Forleo "Everything Is Figureoutable: Chicago Book Signing

DJ Gemini Jones  warming up the crowd with some beats.

DJ Gemini Jones warming up the crowd with some beats.


Can you guess which Missy Elliot track she was strutting to? Hear the video on Marie’s Facebook and comment that Justen Perez sent you! (I want to collab with her, hehe)

Marie is THAT BISH…! 💖 her #hearteyedemoji


I love to be a room full of people actively trying to level up. so fucking inspiring. 🙌🏼


These are the best my iPhone Max XS could take in the low light. (WTF?) 😭

I look 💩 and I know if we would have gotten a selfie together it would have been the best!

Another time perhaps.. keep scrolling for more gems.


There was a moment during the Q&A when a gentleman said …I’m paraphrasing

you know, how you have your Man to put you in check?”

(he meant balancing her energy out, ((i think)) but delivery was messy )

I was like did he just… but a nanosecond before I could even register what I had just witnessed, the crowd made an audible GASP …

the man quickly began to explain himself when Marie threw her arm up, as if to shield him from the masses, then said something along the lines of

It’s ok, I know what he meant.

and then she gave him some helpful advice on what he asked.


The Co-Host, Luvvie Ajayi, then took more guests, when another Gentleman approached the podium and when he did the mic echoed thru the auditorium.

Luvvie asked him to step back and then she pans to the audience and said; … paraphrasing again

“ ladies, let that be a lesson to us, that we may step to the microphone and project our voice, have them tell us to step back from the mic”

To see Marie: walk to the walk, come to the table with love, respect and perspective, was wonderful to be in the physical presence of her energy.


Obsessed!, she’s everything I thought she would be and more.

Marie Forleo is a class act. I love her.

2 take-aways from this book signing:

  1. I should have asked a question.

  2. Everything is Figureoutable (obvi)

*Fun Fact: I bought the audio version two days before the event and had the best Forleo binge! I wanted to make sure, I could just be in aw of her. Victory!


I’d love you to come to one of my Zumba Classes, next time you are in Chicago!