LuMee® Duo™ in "Black" Review for iPhone 7 Plus


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LuMee® Duo™

Incredible. Life Changing. LIT AF!

If you take photos with your iPhone ... you need this, full stop.

— Justen Perez



  $69.95  Available in Black, Gold and Rose.


Initial Thoughts?




  • The pain isn't as sharp when you drop your phone while it's wearing this case. Decent Protection (if you add screen protector).
  • You're selfies/groupies will be lit as fuck ♥
  • It has it's own battery, so it won't use your phones.
  • The charge is decent.  I've been averaging a week. Obviously recharge before a big event.
  • Your friends and family will be amazed at the photos, be prepared to send them that picture. haha
  • Light on both front and back


  • Scratches Easily
  • Difficult to get the case off.
  • After I take a selfie with someone I find myself forgetting to click twice more to turn off all the lights.  I find myself not noticing the backlight is on when I turn it over and blind me or some innocent bystander.
  • Heavy (I got used to it, but still heavy.)
  • Some people comment and may give looks of disgust when you use it.
  • Yellowing/Browning of the clear front light track.  May be affecting front light source color and definitely gross looking imo

 Here you can notice the yellowing/browning, also my chipped/cracked screen protector <3


Room For Improvement...

  • My phone is waterproof, I'd love it if the case was too. Would love to see how the light react in water.
  • Slimmer Version Please
  • Smudge Proof Metallic and Glitter Finishes.
  • Metal Back Piece so it will stick to a magnetic car mount.


Ok look, this phone case is not cute but it will make your selfies cuter.  It's a trade off I'm making because of the benefit.   For me to forgo vanity and let all my cute sparkle cases I ordered for my new phone, just chill in my drawer.  Even though this case hides the sleek jet black exterior of my iPhone7 Plus and makes it look like a large paper weight... the media created while using LuMee far exceeds it's predecessor.

Do you need this?  Yes.

LuMee in a Mirror with 2 Snapchat Filters. #Fleeky :)


Sent me a Tweet @JustenPerez of your LuMee selfies.  I want to see your creativity!

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