Verb Ghost Oil Review


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Ghost Oil?!  Did somebody say boo?  ...more like Bae ♥ 

I received the .57oz size in my January Ipsy bag.  For those unfamiliar with Ipsy, it is a subscription service where I send them $10 a month and they send me 4-5 products a month. (in my experience, due to my style profile...usually one utility product like a brush or tweezers and the rest sample sizes) See this product on Ipsy here.

How long did I use this?

The sample lasted me about a month.  

Mind you, I had short hair when I tested this.


  $7  57oz/17ml

$14  2oz/59.1ml

Initial Thoughts?

Loved the translucent clear color.  Zero noticeable smell.  Very Lightweight.



Putting this product on the ends of my hair and working the rest into my hair soon became the favorite part of my morning routine.  The lightweight nature, plus silky smooth shine gave my hair an added bonus without affecting any of the styles I wore.  

While I did find that the condition of my highly color treated hair did improve, I wish the oil was a bit more nourishing.  That may be something that can occur over time of use but did not during my one month experience with this product.

I recommend this for people who want to tame fly-a-ways and give their hair some sheen without adding weight or scent!

A little goes a long way.  I would use this product again.


It feels like it’s not even there.

— Justen Perez



The Bottle

I reused the bottle for my existing oil of choice, which is why it is this dirty urine color instead of being a super clear translucentcy of Ghost Oil.

Spill resistant and so small that it makes popping into your gym/overnight bag a breeze!  I have found that this lil' nugget is awesome for carrying around oil in.  Bravo to Verb for this packaging.  The branding is beyond cute because of it's minimalist nature.

Did you get this in your Ipsy bag?  Do you use this product on the regular? 

Let me know your thoughts on it and which products I should try next!