5 Best & Worst Things about Owning Apple Airpods


I've officially had these beauties in my hand for 1 month... here's my thoughts thus far ^ _ ^

let's get the ugly out of the way first...

5 Worst Things

>> 1 People Interrupting my workout to talk about them.

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Okay... this is prolly just a personal thing.  If my headphones are on that means leave me be.  Yet they walk up with this weird smile and googly eyes. I get it tho...they have questions.  Now I can just direct them to this post. So basically a win.


>> 2 Undressing With Them On


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When I pull a garment over my head, sometimes they pop out and bounce away from me on the floor.  Tried this in the locker room and well...hella awkward...all that peen and my eyes are darting around looking for an rouge Airpod.

Now I take them out before I disrobe which is such a shame because I do it so much better with music.


>> 3 Running Out of Juice


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I had my Airpods with me when, all of a sudden, people took the radio hostage in the room I was in and started playing country music.  I literally wanted to claw my eyes out but instead I took a deep breath and returned to gratitude...reaching for my life saving airpods to get me out of this mess. 

I flicked open the lid and it didn't connect to my phone.  I was like...what am I doing different than usual then it hit me... could it be?  K.O. ... dead.  Plugged them into my portable charger at lunch but by then the damage had been done.


>> 4 The Color


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I would love to see the Airpods in black and metallics (gold, rosegold, SILVER <-especially ) and a custom Pantone of my skin tone since I'm being picky. hehe


>> 5 No Skip Function


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This is THE worst part about these.  Being tethered to my phone.  Sure... if I'm alone I can tap on the earbud and command Siri to play the next song... she may or may not get it... which drives me crazy because I try to be extra articulate with her.  We have a love-hate relationship, mostly love ♥

If I am dancing or listening on the sly... I need to be able to play the next item. 

Possible solution:  Tap Right Ear for Siri, Tap Left to Advance to Next Item

^- I also don't want to be tapping my head all day, maybe it wouldn't be that big of an issue tho, ha

I would love a functions button or a pin that I could attach to my lapel, sleeve or glove...etc.



5 Best Things


>> 1 People interrupting my work out to talk about them.


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Now I did say it was a drawback but it has it's plus sides too.  I mean, when a cutie taps you on a shoulder to "ask you about your pods"  ... mmmk!


>> 2 Feel Like You Are In The Future


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I try not to let materialistic items control my moods but something about wearing these makes me feel like I'm living in the future.  So much power at a tap.


>> 3 Siri Commands


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Just one tap and Miss Siri comes through.  She understands me way better when I'm wearing them.  When I'm driving I can hear texts and respond while remaining focused on driving.  A big help!


>> 4 The Sound <3


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Digital Sound is glorious.  You can have it soft enough to hear over or loud enough not to hear anything.


>> 5 No Cords


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All the mirror dancing your charge can hold.  No wires!  You can spin, hairflip, tumble, walk in the wind and sweat!  Wore them for many dance sessions in the mirror and at the gym practicing Zumba routines/slaughtering the treadmill, listening to my mixtape playlist.



Would you get these?  Do you have them?  What are your experiences with them?

Let me know in the comments.

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