Sunday Somewhere Rainbow Yetti Frames Review


After winning the Covet Fashion March 2016 Instagram Contest, I waited for what seemed for ages,  even the other winners had gotten theirs before me! (I'm working on patience...for about 4 years now haha)

Turns out they were so incredibly popular, after Nina Debrov wore them, that they had to track down the last pair they had for me!

>> Fast Forward to the glorious sound of the doorbell and seeing this beauty at my door!

I mean how gorgeous could they really be?

These sunnies get me all the right compliments.  

When I was wearing this first in Summer 2016, during festival season, I had every young girl asking where they could get these beauties.  

Don't worry the gentleman callers shelled out the compliments a plenty. ^_^

The elegant fade from purple to green is unique and people are sure to take note.

Due to my long face and extremely pronounced nose these shades are a nice balance because they are big as fuck <3

I also find that when the lenses reflect, people are more apt to compliment because they can see themselves in the reflection.

So funny, right!?


I will say that these glasses will never be as versatile as a pair of black sunglasses, full stop.

That being said the oversized Rainbow Yetti frames are sure to add that extra touch to your look.

In the pair that I received,  the screw that holds in the lens has a fatal flaw... it constantly needs to be tightened.  I'm not sure if all the frames are like this or perhaps the batch it was made with had a flaw or even it may be just random fluke.  I now have to carry a small screw driver around with them.

Now the uncomfortable part of blogging... ::looks around for unboxing footage of me taken at a horrible angle:: Found it...  Cue tape!*


*The FOOTAGE requested has be delayed until I can how to edit it properly. (convient I know :p ) I'm working on it cuties.