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Covet Fashion is my #1 go to for mobile gaming.  Think paper dolls, that you may have played as a child, but the digital version!  What really takes this app to the next level is the users ability to buy the items for themselves to wear in real time, in real life!

From time to time celebrities will host a month on the app and the creators create dolls that look like them for us to style.

via  Giphy
via Giphy

March 2016 was the lovely Nina Dobrev!  Most notably known, in my world, for her portrayal of Elena on the CW's hit show The Vampire Diaries.

The challenge was to use a pair of Yetti Sunglasses to style miss Nina.

This was my entry and the rules...


then I received this cryptic message in my inbox on the Covet Fashion Mobile App!


Emailed them and as it turns out...I won!


Actually three of us did!


then as any good social media team would do, they gave my social accounts love!


I'm so grateful and thrilled to have had this experience.   Thank You Covet Fashion & Sunday Somewhere for making this boy so happy!

Makes me stop and wonder... are the mobile apps other people investing their time in offering them the same type of rewards and incentives to play?  hmm...

Be on the look out for my Sunday Somewhere Rainbow Yetti sunglasses review in the future!

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