Hello World! Welcome


My first blog post!  Breathe, no pressure.  What better day to fall in love with blogging than Valentine's day.  Wouldn't it be awesome if I met the man of my dreams because of this blog and we had kids and had a beautiful love story to share with the world?  I think so... Love is in the air collageI also have a Bachelors of Art degree ,in Fashion Marketing & Management from the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago, that I want to put to good use.  I'll most likely be reviewing products, commenting on style/other beauty related content.

I also plan of posting life tips, product reviews, affirmations, videos and much more as I and the Internet matures.   Let's keep it at this for now before I over commit.

If you haven't checked out my Men's Hairstyle Tumblr, please do, I really adore it!

Keep it cute ♥

- Justen